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Personality Test To Identify Your Personality Type (Personality Type Indicator)

Although it is called “Personality Test”, your Personality Test does not have right or wrong answers as achievement tests do. Personality Test was designed to “identify” and “indicate” equally valuable Personality Types. Thus, you are not going to pass or fail. You will only find out an indication about who you really are.

Your Personality Test contains 20 questions. You can take as many time as you would love to to answer your personality test. However, to obtain your most reliable test result and personality type indication, try to take your test in a calm environment and answer the questions as quickly as it is possible for you.

Each question has two possible answers. Neither of these answers is wrong. They only represents your particular preference. If you may agree both of the choices, choose the one which feels more natural and direct to you. If you have trouble to find the correct frame of mind to answer your personality test questions and you feel puzzled among your “work self”, “school self”, “family self”, “friend self” and “ideal self”, don’t let the variety of environments, people, responsibilities, tasks and duties cloud your test result.

In order to find your answers: Just try to think of situations in which you are absolutely free to be yourself.

Once you submit your choices by clicking “Get Your Personality Test Results >>” button on the bottom of this screen, we will anonymously process your choices and we will show you your Personality Type. We will also provide for you detailed insights and useful tips about what your personality type stands for and what you can do about it to get the best out of your life.

I use my energy, and I enjoy groups.
I keep my energy, and I enjoy one-on-one.
I interpret matters literally, and I rely on common sense.
I look for meaning and possibilities, and I rely on foresight.
I am logical, thinking and questioning.
I am empathetic, feeling and giving to others.
I am organised and orderly.
I am flexible and adaptable.
I am more outgoing, and I think out loud.
I am more reserved, and I think to myself.
I am practical, realistic and based on my experience.
I am imaginative, innovative and theoretical.
I am truthful, straight forward and frank.
I am careful not to upset anyone, kind and encouraging.
I plan and schedule.
I am unplanned and spontaneous.
I seek many tasks, public activities and interactions with others.
I seek more private, solitary activities to quietly concentrate.
I am typical, usual and conventional.
I am different, novel and unique.
I am firm, I tend to criticise, and I hold the line.
I am gentle, I tend to appreciate, and I act friendly to end disagreements.
I follow my standardized paths, and I am structured.
I am easygoing, I “live” and I “let live”.
I am external, I communicative, and I express myself.
I am internal, unwilling to speak about my thoughts, and I keep to myself.
I consider immediate issues, and I focus on here and now.
I look to the future, global perspective and “big picture”.
I am tough-minded and fair.
I am tender-hearted and forgiving.
I prepare, and I plan ahead.
I go with the flow, and I adapt as I go.
I am active, and I initiate things.
I am reflective, and I think carefully without hurrying.
I like facts, things, and I see “what it is”.
I like ideas, dreams, I see “what could be”, and I am philosophical.
I am matter of fact, issue-oriented and principled.
I am sensitive, people-oriented and compassionate.
I control and govern.
I move freely.

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Personality Types

Personality Type Indicators

Duty Fulfiller - ISTJ
Virtuoso - ISTP
Entrepreneur - ESTP
Executive - ESTJ
Defender - ISFJ
Artist - ISFP
Entertainer - ESFP
Caregiver - ESFJ
Advocate - INFJ
Idealist - INFP
Inspirer - ENFP
Giver - ENFJ
Architect - INTJ
Thinker - INTP
Visionary - ENTP
Commander - ENTJ

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