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Personality Test To Identify Your Personality Type (Personality Type Indicator)

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Why Did We Build a Personality Test For you?

Today the next thing we offer for you is: To support you to get to know yourself better. No offence, there is of course no doubt that you know your tendencies, reactions, interests, values, motivations and skills better than anyone else can. However, what these all together mean for you, how you can leverage this untapped information gem to have the pure, sincere and honest joy, freedom and fulfilment in your education, career, relations, communications and in your own life in general do require some external assistance, experience and supervision. You are no exception! Even most trained psychiatrists require this support to identify their personalities and visualise their own “Big Pictures”. This is why we decided to build a personality test for you whose results are almost 100% scientifically reliable and you can perform this test in only 5 minutes.

Why Your Personality Test Is Scientifically Reliable?

Your personality test is based on proven Myers. Myers Personality Test is being develop, used, continuously improved, adapted and corrected for more than past 50 years. Its proven foundation is based on worldwide joint work and cooperation of millions of researchers, academicians, industry practitioners, professionals, students, families and children.

How Does Myers Identify Your Personality?

Myers rely on 4 separate indices (attitudes and processes) to identify your Personality Type.
These 4 personality indices are following.

  • Extraversion - Introversion (EI Index - Orientation Index). The EI index is designed to reflect whether a person is an extrovert or an introvert. Extraversion and Introversion are mutually complementary attitudes whose differences generate the tension that both the individual and society need for the maintenance of life. Extroverts (E) are oriented primarily toward the outer world. Thus they tend to focus their perception and judgment on people and objects. Introverts (I) are oriented primarily toward the inner world. Thus they tend to focus their perception and judgment upon concepts and ideas.
  • Sensing - Intuition (SN Index - Perception Index). The SN index is designed to reflect a person’s preference between two opposite ways of perceiving. One may rely primarily upon the process of sensing (S), which perceives observable facts and happenings through one or more of five senses. Or one may rely more upon less obvious process of intuition (I) which perceives meanings, relationships and possibilities that have been worked out beyond the reach of conscious mind.
  • Thinking - Feeling (TF Index - Judgment Index). The TF index is designed to reflect a person’s preference between two contrasting ways of judgment. A person may primarily rely on thinking (T) to decide impersonally on the basis of logical consequences, or a person may rely primarily on feeling (F) to decide primarily on the basis of personal and social values.
  • Judgment - Perception (JP Index - Interaction Index). The JP Index is designed to describe the process a person uses primarily in dealing (interacting) with the outer world. A person who prefers Judgment (J) uses a judgment process (thinking or feeling) to deal with the outer world. A person who prefers Perception (P) uses a perception process (sensing or intuition) to deal with outer world.

Your individual inclination and sincere comfort on these four indices all together identify your personality type which is one of 16 Personality Types shown below.

Personality Types

Why Should You Take Your Personality Test?

Any inclinations on four indices and all 16 Personality Types are valuable and necessary. Each personality type has it own special gifts and strengths, its own areas of vulnerability and its pathway for development. Since Personality Type is concerned with individual differences in basic functions and attitudes, the applications can add value and enhance a broad range human activities and everyday life.

It is very clear that you can develop greater natural skills with the processes you prefer to use and with the attitudes in which you prefer to use these processes. Yes, if you know your sincerely true personality type, you can more reasonably expect to find your personal objectives and career goals in life. If you know who you really are, you will have pleasure and wisdom to decide whatever works best for you. You feel comfortable, feel your freedom, encounter success, encounter fulfilment, encounter peace, encounter excellent interactions with others, and have your own meaningful life. All in your very own terms. This is precisely why you should find out your Personality Type.

We will also provide for you detailed insights and useful tips about what your personality type stands for and what you can do about it to get the best out of your life.

Remember: If you know who you really are, you will have pleasure and wisdom to decide whatever works best for you.

64,535,948 People Took Free Personality Test.

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Personality Types

Personality Type Indicators

Duty Fulfiller - ISTJ
Virtuoso - ISTP
Entrepreneur - ESTP
Executive - ESTJ
Defender - ISFJ
Artist - ISFP
Entertainer - ESFP
Caregiver - ESFJ
Advocate - INFJ
Idealist - INFP
Inspirer - ENFP
Giver - ENFJ
Architect - INTJ
Thinker - INTP
Visionary - ENTP
Commander - ENTJ

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